Sunday, March 7, 2010

Fashion Icon Veganized: Rayanne Graff

As promised and as was suggested by my fellow vegan blogger Chic Vegan here is my 2010 version of Rayanne Graff from My-So Called life. The one item Rayanne (played by A.J. Langer) wore way back in 1994 that really stuck in my head all these years later were her knee high moccasins. I found a fabulous 2010 version of these moccasins and then worked the rest of my Rayanne outfit around them, the fashion montage below is the result. There are some really great pieces in this montage and my personal fav is the necklace. I hope you enjoy my 2010 version of Rayanne!

Rayanne Graff 2010


Cara Sheppard said...

Yay Rayanne! That pleather bomber is AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Love love love. Such a great post!

Mandi said...

awesomeawesomeawesome. Sorry for the delay on this comment, I've been too busy to even keep up on my fave blogs. Tragic!

I cannot believe you found vegan knee high moccasins. That bag is fantastic too. You are officially my hero.

Thanks so much for this <3

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

Fantastic! Totally spot on!