Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pop Culture: Put A Bird On It

This vegan fashion round up is of course inspired by the hilarious Portlandia skit Put A Bird On It. I do have to say etsy has a plethora of awesome handmade bird themed goodies!



Johanna said...

This is hysterical! Can I just say that I was so on-the-fence over whether or not I liked watching Portlandia? This episode was the deciding factor. I got SOOOOOO mad when I saw that sketch, I stopped watching the show completely. I am so glad to see that my fellow Etsy-ers have such a fantastic sense of humor and just totally embraced the joke.

Melanie said...

You totally have to have a sense of humor about things and laugh at yourself everyone once in a while. The people myself included on etsy totally embrace Portlandias joke you can even type in put a bird into the search engine and loads of awesome handmade goodies pop up.