Thursday, December 1, 2011

Kendy: Plus Size Vegan Style: Winter'11/12

It is getting cold out! Time to pull out the scarves, mittens and coats. I live in Northern CA and the temps do not drop low enough to bring snow but I get cold pretty easily. Finding a coat is hard for me - 1.) why do coats have to be wool blended?!? 2.) I am busty - finding a coat that fits my body type is hard. 3.) My arms are very long and feel awkward in some jackets - I usually layer hoodies and cardigans to keep me warm. I have problems here - I am sure you do too! I hope these cozy pics work out for you! PS - I know it is the holiday season and spoiling yourself is often out of the question with so many gifts to buy - all my picks are under $75! 

1. Fleece Trench - This looks like a cozy, comfy jacket - the tie waist will cinch you in! (sizes go up to a 3X)

2. AE Polar Fleece Hoodie - This is the type of cozy hoodie I could live in. Plain so it can be jazzed up with different accessories to make a different look each time I step out! (up to a size X3)

3. Ribcage Tunic Sweather Is your holiday style more like Nightmare Before Christmas than classic Christmas? Mine too! This cozy cute rib cage sweater will scare your Aunt Polly and keep you warm at the same time! (up to a size 2X)

4.  Skull Cardie - A skull cardigan! I have been rockin' something similar lately!  (up to a size 4X)

5. Mossimo Polka Dot Raincoat - I hate the rain - but love this rain jacket - it is too cute! (up to a size 2X)

6. Old Navy Puffer - A streamlined puffer look that will not add bulk (sizes go up to a 2X)

Kendy (MissMuffcake) lives in Modesto, CA where she shares space, love and yummy vegan food with her cat Mar and boyfriend Matt. When not in the kitchen veganizing classic Mexican food or cafeteria classics you can find her crafting or looking at glittery accessories!


Thea Renee said...

What about #6? I love it!

Anonymous said...

Pssst...the info on #6 is missing!

Melanie said...

Sorry ladies i typed that out at 12am. It's fixed now!