Monday, August 22, 2011

HIstory & Fashion: Bight Young People

Last night I watch a documentary about Uk youth who gallivanted around London during the interwar years (1920's & 1930's), the press of their time dubbed them the Bright Young People. They were the first generation of youth that were determine to carve out a unique culture of their own by embodying all that was new and avant-garde. They really were the original teenagers and some even say they lead the way for modern day celebrity. Many of the Bright Young People's members became famous merely for their scandalous and decadent behavior. They provocatively danced to jazz, excessively drank, indulged in hard drugs, dressed to the nines, spent beyond their means, threw excessive parties and made it their business to shock both their parents and stuffy post WWI London society. However like all things eventually do their short but extravagant reign came to an end around the start of World War II. The Polyvore set below is inspired by these once Bright Young People. I really really love the drop waist dress!

Bright Young People

Bright Young People by thestreetsiknow featuring a bead chain necklace

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Mandi said...

ooh! Where did you see this documentary? I can't seem to find it on Netflix or even online. i did, however, find a book on the subject:

This will fit in nicely with my current obsession with 1920's Paris and the American Expatriate circle. Thanks to Woody Allen.

I love that we share the same era fascination. <3

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