Thursday, October 16, 2014

Walking In A Winter Wonderland: Vegan Boots via Nice Shoes

Hey, ladies are you looking for the perfect cruelty-free winter boot? Then look no further head on over to Vancouver based 100% vegan company Nice Shoes and score one of the awesome pairs of winter boots I've feature above. Each boot featured will keep you warm, dry and toasty as you stroll through your local Winter Wonderland! Oh, and you vegan gent's stay tuned for all the great boots they also have available for you.

Image Source & Credit: Nice Shoes

It's A Match: EPUU & OCC Neon Popsicle Lip Tar

Now that I've ordered myself these fabulous tassel earrings from EPUU I need to get the red lips to match. I think that Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Neon Popsicle Red Lip Tar would be the best match!

Image Source & Credit: EPUU & Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Walking In A Vegan Winter Wonderland: Braided Cowl

Modern Indie fashion label St Anderswo has a unique take on winter accessories for the upcoming winter season. I give you the braid cowl! These great pieces featured above are handmade in Berlin from cruelty-free materials. 

*Most of the braided cowls in this shop are made from vegan materials. However their are other items (including a few braided cowls) in this shop that are made from wool. So please make sure to read what and item is made from before making a purchase*

Image Source & Credit: St Anderswo

100% Vegan Brand: Good Guys

100% vegan shop Good Guys collaborated with embroidery artists Macon & Lesquoy to bring you these fabulous shoes for their SS15 collection. They are now up for pre-order over in their shop

Image Source & Credit: Good Guys

Walking In A Vegan Winter Wonderland: Jimmy 2.0

Super stoked about these Jimmy 2.0 Boots from Native Shoes. They're lined to keep you toasty, waterproof to keep you dry, free of animal products to make them cruelty free and light as a feather. I can't wait to skip around Toronto in them this winter and take in all the city  has to offer. 

Image Source & Credit: Native Shoes

100% Vegan Brand: Moje Bags

So you may say that I have a thing for tassels lately and well these lush vegan purses from Moje Bags have tassels.  Loooove them! Also on a plus side Moje Bags is a 100% cruelty free vegan bag line. 

Image Source & Credit: Moje Bags

Walking In A Vegan Winter Wonderland: Winter Coats

Morden Miss has some comfy cotton winter jackets up for sale over in their Etsy shop. What I love most about their coats is a lot of them have oversize pockets and are a loose fit. My fave things to do in winter is shove my mitts into the front pockets of my winter coat to keep my hands warm and toasty. Oh and the best part is all their coats come in a variety of sizes ranging from M-XXL!

*MM is a vegan friendly shop. Not a 100% vegan shop. So make sure to read what an item is made from before making a purchase.*

Image Source & Credit: Morden Miss

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Take Some Style Advice From Grandma

"Young women you're going to be an old women someday. Don't worry about it. Don't sweat it. Every era it builds character"

"There is no time limit to anything when you look good you look good."

"I never wanted to look young I just wanted to look great."

I think the ladies in the Advanced Style The Documentary got it right. However it is to bad a lot of them wear fur and other non vegan pieces. So due to that I'll call this post an inspirational one. Cause either way these ladies are inspiring with their vivacious attitudes about life, aging and personal style aka dressing for yourself. Which is something this world needs.

Image Source & Credit: Advanced Style The Documentary