Saturday, February 27, 2010

Vegan Shoes: Rubber Boots

Sometimes a girl just needs an awesome pair of rubber boots to slosh around the city in especially around this slushy time of year! I'm thinking any of these fabulous pairs that you can find over at What A Pair would do...

Rubber Boots

Posh Dots From ChookaPremium Solid Lime From ChookaPremium Solid Pink From ChookaBuffalo Bone Red From ChookaPrimary Dots From ChookaHurricane Yellow From Nomad

Update: Hello my fellow Canadians it seems that What A Pair does not ship to Canada it's a bummer but no worries you can also find these boots over @ Amazon. Just search each boot by name and you're sure to find the pair you like. Or you can check out this link here to all woman's rubber boots on Amazon.

Image Linkage: For some reason I can not get the direct link to each boot to work so just go into the rain boot section of What A Pair to find each boot. I've listed the name of each rubber boot below.

*Image Sources: Chooka, Nomad and What A Pair


The Vegan said...

I so need a pair of these for this Boston weather. Thanks for sharing this info Melanie! :)

Natalie said...

I wish they shipped to Canada! Found some really nice ones on their website.

Melanie said...

Hey Natalie I didn't realize that they didn't ship to Canada! Oh my! You should try and look up the boots you like on amazon. I think I'll go back when I get a chance and post amazon links to each boot too. thanks for letting me know about this. Cheers!