Sunday, September 7, 2014

Treat Yourself: Karina Manarin

As soon as I have a little extra cash I'm going to treat myself to one of these 100% Organic Cotton Hand Dyed dresses from Karina Manarin.  Sometime you have to treat yourself. 

Image Source & Credit: Karina Manarin

Friday, September 5, 2014

Pig Out Without The Pig

Toronto Veg Fest starts today and goes all weekend! Get ready to stuff yourself with great veg/vegan eats and meet some fabulous fellow cruelty free peeps. On a side note I'm really digging this years website design & advertising. Simple but powerful. 

Image Source & Credit: Veg Fest 

Leanne and The Toronto Veg Fest

Hey Toronto check, check, check it out (via Vaute Couture):

DEAR CANADA! Leanne is speaking this weekend at the 30th Anniversary Veg Food Fest in Toronto! 

She's on at 4:30 on Sunday speaking about starting and running VAUTE bootstrapped without a background in fashion, and then on the business panel 5:30 Saturday. 

We also have a booth!! with some special AnimalLover tops and sample sale winter coats, come say hi and grab em (we only could bring a few!) or preorder a new one. xoxo

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hint. Hint. Nod. Nod.

So my birthday is coming up and this Virgo thinks this handmade top by Sara Bergeman would make an excellent birthday pressie. Hint. Hint. Nod. Nod. 

Image Source & Credit: Sara Bergeman

The Shift To Fall

I know summer is almost over but I do believe that shift dresses are one of those versatile dresses for all seasons. Just add a cute pair of tights/leggings, funky boots and voilà a great fall/winter look. You can score these two 100% cotton shift dresses over at Zoe Miyori Fujii etsy shop. 

Image Source & Credit: Zoe Miyori Fujii

All You Need is ..... Love ( is Mighty )

These beautiful shoes from Love Is Mighty are 100% vegan and hand embroidered. If you want to learn how Love Is Mighty helps tribal artisans in India persevere their heritage and provide for their family's then head on over to their website

Image Source & Credit: Love Is Mighty

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Geo Geo Geometric Boots...

Digging these sweet, sweet geometric 100% recyclable plastic booties from Mel's Shoes

Image Source & Credit: Mel's Shoes

Fall For Florals

Fall is in the air (I can't believe I'm typing that) and that means comfy sweaters. I'm loving this fall trend of botanical inspired pieces. You can score these cotton floral print sweaters over on Syndicate Original's etsy shop. You can also learn more about Ukrainian street wear brand Syndicate Original at the links below. 

Image Source & Credit: Syndicate Original

Cruelty Free Mom & Dad

This très chic vegan diaper bag from Matt & Nat is equally stylish for both mom & dad! 

Image Source & Credit: Matt & Nat