Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Trés Chic Vegan: Jill Milan

Jill Milan's handbag line is luxurious, vegan certified and made in Italy. This is a handbag line that proves that vegan fashion has gone way beyond the expected stereotypical hippie-esque vegan fashion. It proves it is possible to be a trés chic vegan. 

Image Source & Credit: Jill Milan

The Future of Fashion: Sumzine

"Everything adds up in the way we consume, and Sumzine's mission is to remind others that it's cool to care about your clothes."

Check out the story behind Sumzine a new NYC magazine that is helping spread the word of The Slow Fashion Movement. Slow fashion is thee future of the fashion industry. You can help the Sumzine team get their second issue to newsstands by donating to their Kickstarter. They only have 5 days left so click your way on over there as soon as you can. Because how choose to spend our money can be a vote for a better world.

Friday, June 27, 2014

Vegan Friendly: Golden Peonies

These cute marble fabric & cork vegan oxfords are handmade to order by Golden Peonies. GP's shop is not 100% vegan but it is vegan friendly. They currently have quite a few stellar vegan shoes & bag up for sale in their shop.

Image Source: Golden Peonies

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Innovative: The Rag Bag

The Rag Bag is an innovative and an easy way for all of us to contribute to a better future for the world. 

"Donate something old every time you buy something new—that’s the philosophy behind the “Rag Bag,” a dual-function shopping carrier designed to make it easy for consumers to recycle unwanted clothes. The brainchild of Swedish fashion label Uniforms for the Dedicated, the bag flips inside out to become a pre-addressed, postage-paid envelope, ready for filling and depositing in the nearest mailbox. The product is a simple way of solving a complex problem, according to DDB Sweden, the advertising firm responsible for the carryall’s design." - Ecouterre

Also read Ecouterre's article about the rag bag HERE.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

An Edgy Way To Keep Cool

These edgy cut-out moto boots from 100% Vegan Shoe Line Wills  are the perfect way to wear boots in the summer AND keep cool!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Lucky Find: Veganise

I just stumbled on to Veganise an amazing vegan brand from Poland by Zuzanna Rogatty. Their website is not quite up an running yet but you can currently check out their stuff over on The Dieline. As a graphic designer I can not help but admire this brand their stuff is bold, fun & makes a statement. 

You can follow them here:

Image Source & Credit: Veganise

Vegan Bags With Sole

Sole Society has a fashion forward section of trés chic vegan bags

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Driving Fashion Forward

Driving Fashion Foward is a great video series with model Amber Veletta that explores the future of a sustainable, eco-friendly & ethical fashion industry.
The only thing I would add to these videos is that the future of the fashion industry is also a cruelty free one. Using animals as materials is not ethical nor is it eco-friendly or sustainable. Animals are not a renewable resource or fabric. I only mention it because they do talk about fabrics like wool. Other then that it’s a very informative series and gives me hope that people are catching on to how what they buy effects more then their fashion sense.
This is the first video in the series you can find the rest over on L/Studio

Don't Block Out These Natives

Colour block Native shoes! They’re washable, odor resistant, waterproof, shock absorbant and animal product free!