Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kendy: Plus Size Vegan Style

I am a size 14, 5'10" size 11 shoe wearing vegan - which does not seem to be a problem until I go looking for vegan companies making clothing that fits me and those bigger than me. Did I miss the memo that stated to be vegan you must be a size 6 or smaller? I am bummed that more vegan companies do not make clothing that will fit me - I would so rock a sweet cardigan that said vegan on it or some vegan certified shoes that fit my big feet! Being a plus size (or in my case I feel trapped between standard and plus - which is OK) does not mean you have to go naked or wear stuff that goes against your animal ethics! Here are some fall/winter trends that you can rock at any size! 

Color blocking - not just a catch term if you watch Project Runway! This dress has the colors of fall balanced perfectly!The tie around your waist will cinch you in - making your waist look narrow!

A (faux) leather jacket is a classic! It can jazz up or tame an outfit and goes with a lot! I am more of a hoodie girl but know a closet staple when I see one!

3.Evans D Ring Strap Ankle Boots

Everyone needs a pair of kick butt boots in their closet. My dilemma is that my big feet do not match up with my small calves - meaning boots flop on me. If your legs do not match up with your feet try booties - they make the sizing gap less obvious!

Colored denim is big now! If you are afraid to rock a super strong color go for a wash of color. These purple tinted jeans are a step up from blue. I have been rocking a pair of these lately and really like them!

5. Lulu Lepoard Print Dress

You cannot go wrong with leopard - animal print is hot! Show that you can wear an animal print without it actually being the flesh of an animal! I am a big fan of retro looks and leopard should be my middle name! 

Remember that no matter what your size is - appreciate your body and all that it does for you and the animals! 

Kendy (MissMuffcake) lives in Modesto, CA where she shares space, love and yummy vegan food with her cat Mar and boyfriend Matt. When not in the kitchen veganizing classic Mexican food or cafeteria classics you can find her crafting or looking at glittery accessories!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

FW12: LuLu*s Vegan Boots

While I am sad that summer is coming to and end, I'm also super excited that some online boutiques like LuLu*s have started rolling out FW11/12 fashion pieces. Below are just a few of the fabulous vegan boots that LuLu*s recently debuted for the upcoming Fall/Winter season.

Image Source & Credit: LuLu*s 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Review: HerbZone

This week I'm teaming up with Vegan Cuts to bring you a review of their current deal. This weeks deal features local Ontario natural skincare company HerbZone and for the next 4 days over @ Vegan Cuts you can receive 55% off all their body products.  These products include beauty masks, hand butters, shower oils, bath melts, natural soaps and much more. Most of HerbZones body products are vegan but there are a few that do contain honey so just make sure to read each products ingredients before making a purchase. All of HerbZones products are super affordable, 100% natural and made with the highest quality ingredients (no colorants, chemicals or fillers). So without further ado here's my review of a few of their lush vegan bath & body products.

Orange & Spearmint - Bubbling Bath Melt 

After a rather busy day I tossed this melt into a hot bath jumped in, sat back and took it all in. After I emerged from the tub I was ├╝ber relaxed, smelt like orange and had super soft skin. All three results lasted several hrs. Love, love, love this bath melt and I can't wait to try more of HerbZones vegan bath melts.

Cinnamon & Orange Natural Soap

I've been using this soap for about a month and I love it. I always come out of the tub or shower feeling refreshed, smelling sweet and my skin is always super soft. After a month I still have so much soap left that I haven't had a chance to try the other natural soap I order yet. So you'll just have to stay tuned for a review of the Magnolia & Rose Geranium natural soap.

Orange & Spearmint - Epsom Salt Mineral Soak

After I used this mineral soak I felt relaxed and revived. I also smelt like orange & spearmint, yum! This soak is defiantly going to come in handy this winter and I'm super stoked about using it to combat the up coming cold, wet and gloomy winter days.

Hand & Foot Butter: Peppermint & Eucalyptus and Neroli & Rose Geranium

For a girl that has dry hands & rough feet these butters are now both my go to hand & foot moisturizers. They both smell fabulous, are super creamy and long lasting. Which in my books are all an A+++. If you want relief from dry hands & rough feet then you must get your hands on some of HerbZone's Hand & Foot Butters.

Lemon & Tangerine - Bath, Shower & Massage Oil

This stuff is great you can either add a cap full to a hot bath or rub a little into your skin after a shower. It makes your skin feel extra soft and smooth for hrs. It also leaves you smelling awesome for hrs too. Which is perfect for those hot humid days that sometimes don't leave you smelling your best. Just use a little of this oil & you'll stay fresh as a daisy despite the heat for hrs. This oil has come in very handy for me with this summers break into a sweat while standing still kind of weather. Love it!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegan Sandals: Bonnibel Lace-Up Bootie

Chic, comfortable and vegan, exactly what I look for in a pair of sandals. These beauties are available over @ LuLu*s.


Image Source & Credit: LuLu*s

Friday, May 20, 2011

Tee Time: Herbivore Clothing

Only kale can save us now! love. Love. LOVE kale and love this fabulous tee from Herbivore Clothing celebrating it's delicious awesomeness.


Image Sources & Credit: Herbivore Clothing

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Dress: FAIR+TRUE

This whole outfit including the fabulous FAIR+TRUE dress is available over @ chic ethical boutique Fashion-Conscience.

The Dress

The Dress by thestreetsiknow featuring melissa shoes

Vegan Represent: Trudy Chalmers

Trudy Chalmers has a great little collection of vegan statement jewelry but this Vegan For Life necklace featured below is my favourite. You can find this necklace and the rest of her collection over @ Vancouver vegan boutique Karmavore.


Image Source & Credit: Trudy Chamlers & Karmavore

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

SS11: Pansy Maiden

When Laura from Pansy Maiden told me her new collection Darling Utility was inspired by Coco Avant Chanel, she had me at Coco. Being a huge fan of Coco myself I knew that it would be love at first sight with her new designs and as always she did not disappoint. Laura's use of chic shapes, luxurious colours and smooth textures utterly radiate Coco's simple but sophisticated fashion sense. The collection consists of 6 new styles that are made from some of the best cruelty free, eco-friendly and socially responsible materials available. These materials include buttery soft PVC free vegan leather (that doesn't crack), ultrasuede made from recycled plastic bottles and last but not least organic twill. I personally have my eye on her Petite Hobo Bag, I love that it can be worn as both a shoulder bag and cross body bag.

 Vintage + modern minimalism + feminine + functional = Darling Utility.


Image Source & Credit: Pansy Maiden

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Real Vegan Style: Ciara Peter


Image Source & Credit: Ciara Peter

Who: Vegan fashion maven Ciara Peter. Veg since 1992 and Vegan since 2009.

Home Sweet Home: The SOMA area of San Francisco California.

Day Job: Concept designer and product strategist for a high-tech enterprise software company.

Night Job: Vegan fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog Animal-Friendly Shopping.

Fav Vegan Foods: Peanut butter, Thai pumpkin curry, Whole Foods tofu scramble, and vegan burritos.

Fav SF Resturants: The Plant Cafe, Osha Thai, DOSA, Greens, Patxi’s and Whole Food Fresh Food Bar.

Other Blog/Writing Gigs: Chic Vegan and also her personal blog Nerdy Martini.

Other Fun Gigs: Modeled in San Francisco’s first vegan fashion show and participated in a panel on Green blogging for the San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance.

Fun Facts: She was a bartender for 7 years, her parents were both professional ballet dancers, and she was on an episode of MTV dating show “Dismissed.”

New Project: She is currently working on a new user-generated site called I Went Vegan where people can share their reasons for going vegan and how awesome the vegan lifestyle is. You can submit your own vegan story here.

Saturday, May 14, 2011