Saturday, October 1, 2011

Kendy: Plus Size Vegan Style

I am a size 14, 5'10" size 11 shoe wearing vegan - which does not seem to be a problem until I go looking for vegan companies making clothing that fits me and those bigger than me. Did I miss the memo that stated to be vegan you must be a size 6 or smaller? I am bummed that more vegan companies do not make clothing that will fit me - I would so rock a sweet cardigan that said vegan on it or some vegan certified shoes that fit my big feet! Being a plus size (or in my case I feel trapped between standard and plus - which is OK) does not mean you have to go naked or wear stuff that goes against your animal ethics! Here are some fall/winter trends that you can rock at any size! 

Color blocking - not just a catch term if you watch Project Runway! This dress has the colors of fall balanced perfectly!The tie around your waist will cinch you in - making your waist look narrow!

A (faux) leather jacket is a classic! It can jazz up or tame an outfit and goes with a lot! I am more of a hoodie girl but know a closet staple when I see one!

3.Evans D Ring Strap Ankle Boots

Everyone needs a pair of kick butt boots in their closet. My dilemma is that my big feet do not match up with my small calves - meaning boots flop on me. If your legs do not match up with your feet try booties - they make the sizing gap less obvious!

Colored denim is big now! If you are afraid to rock a super strong color go for a wash of color. These purple tinted jeans are a step up from blue. I have been rocking a pair of these lately and really like them!

5. Lulu Lepoard Print Dress

You cannot go wrong with leopard - animal print is hot! Show that you can wear an animal print without it actually being the flesh of an animal! I am a big fan of retro looks and leopard should be my middle name! 

Remember that no matter what your size is - appreciate your body and all that it does for you and the animals! 

Kendy (MissMuffcake) lives in Modesto, CA where she shares space, love and yummy vegan food with her cat Mar and boyfriend Matt. When not in the kitchen veganizing classic Mexican food or cafeteria classics you can find her crafting or looking at glittery accessories!

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