Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vegan Sandals: Bonnibel Lace-Up Bootie

Chic, comfortable and vegan, exactly what I look for in a pair of sandals. These beauties are available over @ LuLu*s.


Image Source & Credit: LuLu*s


Zoe said...

Hi, you may not be able to help, but I thought you might better know as you are US based. I'm taking a trip to New York and I'm really sturggling to find ethical and vegan clothing boutiques to visit it and shop at during my trip. Is there a lack of them? Or am I not looking properly?

Melanie said...

Hey Zoe I'm actually based in Toronto, Canada but hey I am on the same side of the pond as the Us. I know of a few places you could visit & I see you have an email in your blog profile so I'll send you a list. Cheers!