Monday, April 5, 2010

Vegan Shoes: Melissa Plastic Dreams

Melissa Plastic Dreams has just launched it's Spring/Summer 2010 line! Make sure to check out both their White Line & Black Line. I do have to say I'm totally digging both lines :).

Melissa Plastic Dreams

*Image Source & Credit: Melissa Plastic Dreams


Anonymous said...

I looove these! I especially love the Vivienne Westwood pair with fake wax seal on the toe. So fresh!

Melanie said...

me tooo! love them. might have to treat myself to a pair :).

jesse.anne.o said...

I love some of these but I keep wondering if there's a foot sweat factor I might not want to imagine? I just got the Westwood Melissa/Anglomania shortie rainboots but I can wear socks with them!

Do you have a pair? Are they sweaty?

Melanie said...

No I don't personally have a pair. I do know there scented. Well at least the ones from the last seasons have been so I'm assuming this one would be too. I'll post on my FB Page/Twitter and see if anyone who owns a pair can possibley review them for me.