Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just For Fun: The Uniform Project

On April 31rst 2010 we said Au Revoir to The Uniform Project (Year 1). The video below celebrates this unique fundraising project and the many fabulous outfits that were worn along Sheena's 365 day journey! I can't wait to see what Sheena has in store for us next! Also checkout this great interview that's Blog recently did with Sheena!

p to the s - this project may not be vegan but it still pretty fabulous. Human Rights & Animal Rights go hand in hand and all children no matter where they are in the world should have the right to an education. Thanks to Sheena and her lovely fans many children in India will have that chance! Also a lot of the clothing, accessories and shoes she wore were either donated, upcycled, recycled and vintage. Which would make quite a few of the outfits eco-conscious :).

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