Saturday, June 5, 2010

Just For Fun: PARTY!

Hey there Seattle readers don't miss out on new vegan tee company Lion's Share Industries' launch party! I wish I could go! Alas I'm still sans passport. I really need to get on that because I keep missing out on fun stuff like this! Click here to see the online invite or to RSVP.

Lions Share Industries

You are officially invited.

Yes, you. Please come out and celebrate the launch of Series One of vegan t-shirts from Lion's Share Industries.

One theme: flight. Five artists. Five Designs. 180 of each t-shirt released to the public. And the best part, if you don't know what to wear, I know where you can get t-shirt on pretty short notice.

--> We'll supply: beer and sXe bevvies, cheap vegan snacks, good music, and nice company in a really laid back amazing joint, Flatcolor gallery.

--> You supply: an open heart.

Also, this isn't one of those lame obligatory invitations. We really want you to come. We wouldn't have invited you if we didn't. You can also bring a friend.

Shirt Designs by: Maré Odomo, EGO, Julia MacCracken, COSMOS, and Scott Garner.

Art showing in the gallery by: Ryan De La Hoz, Ferris Plock, Kelly Tunstal, SWAMPY, Jeremy Forson, Jeremy Ehling, Doodles, Osker de Loscrittore, and Sean Lyons.

See you on Friday, Jul 2, 2010 @ 528 1st Avenue S.

Questions? Answers?

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