Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vegan Handbags: GG2G

Green Goods 2 Give & Get (GG2G) is a green company that makes bags & accessories in the USA from recycled vegan materials. Salvo! the beautiful handbag collection feature below is made from recycled restaurant seat vinyl & is lined with organic cotton or salvaged fabrics. They also have a bag collection called ReVinylized that is made from 100% recycled highway billboards. However my favourite part about the Salvo! collection is that a portion of the sales are donated to Farm Sanctuary :). I'm also totally in love with their Fortune Cookie Clutch.


Vegan Handbags: GG2G

Image Source & Credit: Green Goods 2 Give & Get

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Anika said...

Oh! I love them. I'd like the GYOZA. Yum.