Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Beauty Products: Alba & Natures Gate

Here are a few vegan beauty items I use. I've been using Nature Gate's shampoos for years and I am absolutely in love the three Alba products pictured below. All of Natures Gate's products are vegan, their packaging states they don't test on animals and do not use animal byproducts. They also have the cruelty free & vegan bunny on their website (at the very bottom of each web page). As for Alba there are only a few items in their line that are not vegan and they of course don't test on animals. They've listed their non-vegan items HERE.

My Beauty Products: Alba & Natures Gate

Image Source & Credit:  Natures Gate & Alba

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jesse.anne.o said...

I wish all Alba stuff was vegan - especially their tinted lip balm. I love Crazy Rumors but I'd prefer tinted.

I had no idea that all Nature's Gate stuff was vegan - I kept looking at their moisturizer and used to use it but I could never conclusively tell if it was vegan so I stopped buying it. Maybe I'll switch back from using Alba (I think the NG is cheaper at my coop).