Friday, September 10, 2010

FW10: Vaute Couture

I don't know what it's like in your neck of the woods put since last weekend the temps in Toronto have gone from scorching hot to a tad chilly. It's almost likes summer just went poof overnight and my brain fell right into fall/winter fashion mode. So when Vaute Couture launched their pre-order shop for their new collection of vegan winter coats on Wednesday I was more then happy to click my way on over to their site and check it out. Their FW10 Collection is of course more then any eco conscious, ethical, vegan girl or boy could ask for. And yes I did type boy. Along with their 7 new styles for the ladies which includes a revamped pea coat the line has also added 3 styles for men! Pictured below are four of my favourite styles in the collection. If you want to see the full collection then either watch the video below or head to over to their site. You can currently pre-order  all the new coats in the Vaute Couture Shop with a 45% off discount. The discount is only on for a week and the sale started Wednesday so head on over to there now and get the discount while you can!


DBTV: VAUTE COUTURE A/W 2010 at The Green Shows 
from The Discerning Brute 
Image Credit & Source: Vaute Couture
Video Credit & Source:  The Discerning Brute

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