Tuesday, October 19, 2010

NYC Veg Fest - Olsen Haus: Pure Vegan

Hey you lucky New Yorkers I'm super jealous that you'll get the chance to hear Elizabeth Olsen of Olsen Haus: Pure Vegan speak @ this years NYC Veg Fest (Union Square Sat Oct 23 10am - 5pm). I'm also green with envy because you'll get to attend her company's sample sale too! Elizabeth will be speaking this Saturday (Oct 23rd) @ 3:30pm in Union Square and I think the sale is to follow. Have fun!


Image Source & Credit: Olsen Haus: Pure Vegan & NYC Veg Fest


jesse.anne.o said...

Man, the Farm Sanctuary Walk is the next day - that's so much for 1 weekend. I'm wondering if I'll make it to either. I think I went to the OH sample sale last year when it was combined with the Vaute Couture sale but ended up not getting anything.

GiGi said...

What fun. A Olsen Haaus sample sale. Love her shoes but sadly don't own any yet. Sample Sale would have been just the thing in my old home town too.

kat truffaut said...

I really ought to get my hands on one of her shoes already...!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh man, thanks for sharing! I live here and I didn't know!