Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I Bought: Vegan Knit Cloche

I'm a huge fan of 1920's culture. I was drawn to this jazz age as a teenager through it's art, music and fashion. The first time I read about flappers in my high school history book I was in awe of not just their fashion sense but what they stood for in the 1920's. The independent modern women. I fell in love with them right away. In many ways this short cultural movement made huge strides for woman's rights. They challenged societies defined rolls for women by dancing the Charleston, cutting their hair short, playing sports, working outside the home, voting and fighting for women's rights. The best part is they did it all while looking fabulous. Like I said before I love their sense of style and have been looking for a vegan flapper inspired cloche for years. So when I found one last night I didn't hesitate to buy it. If you too are a lover of 1920's fashion and in the market for a spiffy cloche then head on over to Bessette Art and treat yourself to one from the four feature below. I went with the black one!

1920's Fashion Show
(While I admire flapper fashion, I of course dislike the use of fur & wool felt.)


p to the s - if you like other items in Bessette Arts shop make sure to read what the item is made from because it's not a 100% vegan shop.  All the cloches featured above are made from an acrylic yarn.

Image Source & Credit: Bessette Art

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