Sunday, January 16, 2011

Vegan Shoes: Native Shoes

Thanks to one of my fav vegan ladies Ciara Peter's fabulous blog Animal Friendly Shopping I was introduced to these stellar slip on vegan shoes from Native Shoes. Native Shoes had me @ slip on. However their slip on quality is not the only thing that makes them ├╝ber awesome. They're made from a light weight foam injected EVA which is washable, odor resistant, 100% vegan and antimicrobial. They also come in 4 oh so casual styles in a plethora of bold bright colours. However if bold and bright is not your thing they also come in some more conservative mute colours. Now that we got the fashion stuff behind us I can also talk about the eco-conscious side to them. They're made with a low energy emissions manufacturing process that uses zero waste injected molds. Ohh I almost forgot they're also a Vancouver based company. Yay Canada! Below are their 4 styles, my personal fave is the Miller. They also have a children's collection.


Vegan Shoes: Native Shoes


Image Source & Credit: Native Shoes


Erin said...

Sorry but these remind me of the second coming of Crocs. Something that should be avoided entirely.

Melanie said...

I totally hate Crocs. To me design is key and these are designed much better. I like the Jefferson & Miller ones the most They're like a casual runners that just happen to be made from EVA. They very converse & Ked-esque but to each their own right. That's what fashion is all about peoples unique taste & sense of style. It's at least what makes it interesting :).