Thursday, March 10, 2011

Fair-Trade: bibico

Nieves Ruiz designs simple feminine fair-trade clothing for bibico without skimping on style. bibico radiates casual chic and each piece is perfect for everyday wear. These pieces are also meant to last, they are hand sewn & knitted by women who are committed to producing high quality garments and work in co-operatives that are certified by the World Fair Trade Organisation. bibico is not a vegan shop it does sell some leather belts in it's accessory section and they do have some knitwear made from wool but they also seem to have lots of items including knitwear that is made from 100% cotton & 100% linen. So you know the drill always check an items composition before making a purchase. bibico clearly marks what an item is made from. All the items featured below are 100% cotton or 100% linen.

"bibico is a Fair Trade clothing company that seeks to support vulnerable communities and provide you with fashion that is conscious in more ways than one."


Image Source & Credit: Bibico

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