Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lets Hear It For the Vegan Boys: March 2011

I fully admit that I tend to neglect you vegan gentleman and I've decided I need to do something about it. I've started a board over @ Pinterest called For The Vegan Boys to help encourage me to do more male focused fashion posts. I'm hoping if I round up some stellar vegan items for you guys a head of time it will help me post at the very least once a month about men's vegan fashion. So I hope you enjoy my first monthly post featuring some awesome cruelty free fashion items for you gentleman :).

Ps. - Make sure to also follow my Pinterest board dedicated to you sauve vegan gentleman.



Anika said...

Love! Love! And I just bought my BF the grey lace up boots from Vegetarian Shoes. hot!

birdfeed said...

Please be careful with the shoes and accessories from Topman! They list 100% textile but normally leave off the details. The gray loafers in this list, for example actually have a suede top piece, thus making them not vegan.

Overall nice list though!

Melanie said...

@birdfeed Thanks so much for letting me know I will head on over to my list and remove them. I saw them on another vegans blog so I'll inform them too. The strange thing is I was kind of iffy about listing them cause it just said 100% textile. The next time I should go with my gut. Cheers!

birdfeed said...

Yeah, they're really tricky! They've got great products but they get lazy on the material labeling. many of their bags, for example, have leather handles but they don't list it.

Keep up the great work! I'd love to see more guys stuff posted.