Monday, September 6, 2010

Real Vegan Style: Kristin Lajeunesse

I first met Kristin Lajeunesse when she wrote a fabulous review for my blog on The Vegan Reviewer. Since then we've chatted online on and off through many forms of social media. Over the past year I've learned she's lives in Boston MA, loves all things vegan (including fashion!), loves to post pictures of delish vegan food on her Facebook (mmmm) and is in general one amazing lady. Actually, she's kind of a wonder woman! Not only does she work full-time as a Communications Associate at the World Society for the Protection of Animals (wow that was a lot to type) but she also works part-time for both Vegan Mainstream and the Albany Vegetarian Network. Kristin volunteers her time at the Albany Vegetarian Network as a Marketing Coordinator for their upcoming Vegan Fashion show. With all the hard work that she's put into the show, I can guarantee it's a not to be missed event for anyone who lives in or near the state of New York. I so wish I could go! Click HERE for more details. Since Kristin is such a lover of vegan fashion, I figure it was just natural for me to ask her to put together an outfit for this column. So without further ado, I give you Kristin's outfit, enjoy!

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Real Vegans: Kristin Lajeunesse

Shoes - by Cri de Coeur, $59.50 - Cri de Coeur's Online Store  • Pants - by Express, • Shirt - by The Herbivore Clothing Company, $23.00 - Herbivore Online Store  • Jacket - by BB Dakota, $62.30 - Alternative Outfitters  • Purse (only visible in lower right pic) - by Queen Bee Creations, $20.00 - purchased at Magpie in Davis Square, Somerville, MA 

Image Source & Credit - Kristin Lajeunesse


Laura Collins said...

Wow, Kristin is crazy busy! And crazy stylish. And shops at Herbivore AND Magpie. A woman after my own heart.

Mandi said...

Yay Kristin! I have that same shirt - it is my favorite Herbivore shirt <3