Friday, October 8, 2010

My Beauty Products: Urban Decay

About 4 years ago I found out that some of Urban Decay's products were vegan and let me tell you I was über excited to finally find a cosmetic line that I knew had items that were 100% vegan. Right around the time I found out about UD, I also discovered that Sephora had just opened up a few shops in Toronto.  Which was perfect timing because no other stores in Toronto seemed to carry the UD line. So I hopped online, found the closest Sephora (The Eaton's Center) to my apt and ran right out to buy a few items. The two items I bought from their vegan line & I still continue to buy today are their Surreal Skin Creamy Concealer & Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup. I buy them both in Dream cause I'm kind of pasty, lol. I pretty sure I'll continue to use these two Urban Decay products for years to come :). The next vegan UD item I have my eye on is the Vegan Palette. I love all of the palettes colours!


Image Source & Credit: Urban Decay


jesse.anne.o said...

I'm also a big UD fan. They make it easy!

kat truffaut said...

Don't shop at Sephora, though -- they're evil! Supporting the store is supporting their brushes, which are made out of squirrel, goat, and horse hair. ):