Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music & Fasion: The Duke Spirit

I've got music on the brain lately. I guess it's just because I love it so much. It fuels my creative work, cheers me up when I'm feeling down & in general makes life just that much better. I'm always listening to tunes that inspire me when I'm writing a fashion post. One of the bands who's tunes motivate me is The Duke Spirit. I discovered them about 5 yrs ago and since then I've been hooked on their pure Rock'N'Roll sound. I've bought every album they've put out and I'm super stoked that they have a new one coming out soon. So here's the fashion part of this post. Leila Moss the lead singer of The Duke Spirit does not just sing pure Rock'N'Roll but she wears it too. She's definitely my Rock'N'Roll style icon. Love, love, love her sense of style. The whole band (Luke Ford, Toby Butler & Oliver Betts) in general have a pretty sweet sound and pretty awesome sense of style. The video below is of my favourite song from their Neptune album and the vegan Polyvore set is inspired by Leila. I hope you enjoy both of them :).

Polyvore: Now Be Still

Image Source & Credit: Polyvore & The Brands Listed/Linked Above

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