Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fashion: UK & European Vegan Companies

Since I did that list of Canadian Vegan Fashion Companies a few days ago I decided it would be great idea to do both a UK list & a US list too. I've decided to start with the UK list first. Here it is.

These companies to my knowledge are 100% Vegan.*

Beyond Skin - They make & design stylish vegan shoes and are located in Hove East Sussex.
- Website/ShopTwitterBlog (Coming Soon!)Facebook

Neon Collective - An online vegan boutique base in the UK that focuses mostly on shoes. "Killer heels with out the Kill".
- Website/ShopTwitterFacebook

Vegetarians Shoes - One of the first vegan/vegetarian companies, they've been making vegan shoes since 1990 and are located in Brighton England.
- WebsiteShopFacebook

Secret Society Of Vegans - An edgy vegan tee & accessory company located in Kings Cross, London.
- ShopWebsiteBlogTwitterFacebookFlickr

Bourgeois Boheme - An online eco-friendly & vegan boutique located in Richmond, London. They sell shoes, bags & accessories for both men & women.
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Feeling Good Handbags - Ethical bags, purses and wallets that are animal friendly and eco-friendly.
- Website/ShopBlog

Jinga - Stylish vegan trainers.
- Website/Shop FacebookTwitter

Ethical Wares - Cruelty-Free Vegan shoes, accessories & clothing.
- Website/ShopFacebook 

Dolma Perfumes - Vegan perfumes & Aftershaves.  They're located in Nottingham.

Honesty Cosmetics - An online boutique that sells 100% vegan cosmetics & beauty products. They even have vegan hair colouring products! They are certified by The Vegan Society.

Yaoh - Vegan hemp products, including shampoos, soaps, deodorants, lip balms and massage oils. They're located in Bristol.

Novacas - Cruelty-free vegan shoes & footwear made from a leather alternative. All their shoes are made in European factories in accordance with fair labour standards of the European Union.
WebsiteShopsWomens ShoesMens Shoes

Muso Koroni - An online boutique based in Austria that sells stylish vegan shoes, accessories and beauty products.
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I will be continuing to update this list as I find more UK vegan companies. If you know any companies I've missed please feel free to comment on this post with information about the company. You can also email me here.

*I have done my best research to make sure all these companies are 100% vegan.  However if I missed something please let me know.


Unknown said...

You should add Lush and SoOrganic to that! xxx

Melanie said...

I wanted to add So Organic but they only have a vegan section and Lush too is not completely vegan. This is a list of 100% vegan companies. But thanks for the suggestions :).

Melanie said...