Saturday, January 1, 2011

Music, Fashion & The New Year

I hope everyone had a fantastic time ring a ding dinging in 2011! Can you believe we're officially into another decade?? Well my NYE was fantastic good friends, good music, balloons and free champagne you can't go wrong with a combo like that. However I did also seem to ring in the new year with a bit of a cold which is a little crappy but I guess I shouldn't have bragged to my family at Xmas that "I never get colds". Cause that line sure turned around and bit me in the derrière! Anyway my head is a little too stuffed right now to bring you an eloquent Vegan Fashion In 2010 Review but I do promise to write it sometime this week. So until then I bring you this easy peasy post featuring a polyvore set inspire by the lovely songstress Adele. Adele sure can sing and will be debuting her second album on Feb 22nd 2011. If her new album is as amazing as her song Rolling In The Deep featured in the video below we are in for a treat. Rolling In The Deep is currently on repeat on my iphone's ipod. Love it!


Image Source & Credit: Polyvore


Cara Sheppard said...

This is a great outfit - I especially love the stockings! And Adele is awesome!!

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Erin said...

Those stockings are fabulous!